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 Teon Server Conquest :-)

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PostSubject: Teon Server Conquest :-)   Sun Sep 23, 2007 2:04 pm

I think we need to rise and try to become the 3rd factor. I say let's crush those X and ITT bastards.

According to all my info and acquired experience, below lies a feasible path to glory. It will a) offer members the impression they belong to a serious, well organized clan / alliance that holds strong ambitions and b) strengthen our ranks immensely to render us a force to reckon with, both admirable by friends or foes.

Things that should be done imo immediately:

- All old members should reach the status of noblesse. We need at least 10 noblesse before we start even dreaming of becoming a worthwhile and competitive war clan.

- Fill up academy with active members. Secretary should keep notes of academy member activity and notify Ap0stle13 regularly and accordingly.

- Fix and use ventrillo. All high lvl members should get headphones with integrated speakers and save tons of typing time. Coordination of massive events (raids, sieges, pvp gangs etc) is excellent through there.

- 70+ members should contribute ALL their non-full drops to clan warehouse. Everyone of them will post the amount and kind of their contribution once in a week at Official Clan Forum in a thread that will be exclusively dedicated for this purpose. Then official clan crafters will use the material according to clan needs (see below). In order to ensure justice, all members will be entitled to have their required items crafted proportionally to the amount of their own contribution.

- The establishment of at least one very high level Official Clan Crafter who will craft from collected materials all weapons, armours and everything else required for clan members.

- Creation of exp parties with fixed number of persons, fixed range of levels and fixed number of classes that meet and exp at specific places. When a party member can't join at an arranged time, newer members of the same class and closest possible level can be entitled to join party in order to temporarily fill the gap.

- As we grow, we should organize periodic raids for the clan point earning quests. Since we don't have any wars or castles yet, this is the only good way to earn massive clan points and clan skills, if we exclude academy graduation. We need a few more clan skills and then go straight for lvl 7.

- Enlargement of alliance with a 3rd clan that is currently at peace (preferably lvl 6) which will ensure larger exp parties and a greater range of possibilities in party creation. They should join under the term that they will not involve in ANY kind of war by themselves. The time the first war will be declared shall be the result of mutual decision of all 3 alliance clan leaders when and ONLY when we're all ready.

- Training regularly in pvp by using arenas and the dueling system.

- Mutual support. If a member has a problem (pk etc), everyone available should immediately offer to help. The member will choose from whoever is nearer or suits him best at that moment. It's extremely important for members to feel that they can depend to each other.

Incentives in order to old keep members and attract new ones:

A) Sufficient rewards:

* Academy graduation rewards (this ensure they won't leave for another clan while in academy and screw clan point earning)
* Participation in loot share for castle sieges (for members that have reached a specific number of siege participation)
* Participation in loot share for raid boss drops (for members that participate frequently in raids and really need them)
* Free material crafting for clan warehouse contributors

B) Aquisition of a grade B / A Clan Hall (and the advantage of its buffs, teleportation, item creation etc)

C) A solid set of raid plans (which bosses to kill, when and how many members should be available for the task each time).

A form of 'Secretary' (or even Secretaries) is required, with the following responsibilities:

* Taking notes of member participation (by keeping screenshots of the entire party after raid / siege) . People that have been recorded to have reached a specific number of participations will be entitled to the siege or rb spoils (adenas / drops).
* Taking notes of academy / main clan member activity and posting them in forum.
* Recording TOI rbs and Baium spawn and death times (whenever possible), so that ppl can be helped especially at their subclass quest without loosing precious time.
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PostSubject: Clan Hall   Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:07 pm

About the clan hall, its difficult to get one.

However, since Demolition clan is disbanded perhaps we can get their clan hall if they sell it.

Their clan hall was in Shuttgart B grade I think. Not a very big one but maybe it suit us...

What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Teon Server Conquest :-)   Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:40 am

AngelHawke wrote:
About the clan hall, its difficult to get one.

However, since Demolition clan is disbanded perhaps we can get their clan hall if they sell it.

Their clan hall was in Shuttgart B grade I think. Not a very big one but maybe it suit us...

What do you think?

I think DsL will sell this CH like every player do when leave l2!
By selling it with the clan (Clan+CH= euro for the CL) Very Happy

But we can try buy a new when kamael's cronicle come up!
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PostSubject: Re: Teon Server Conquest :-)   

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Teon Server Conquest :-)
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